Me, My Dad, and Asthma

I have had trouble with sleeping. When I was eight, I took two puffs of my inhaler before I went to bed. I also take a pill called Singulair to help me sleep.
I have a good sleep. Sometimes when I wake up, and my Dad hasn’t got me up yet, I jump up, make my eyelids pop out and scare him. He jumps! Then he says, “I’ll get you for that!”
Before I go to school, I take a pill, but that pill is supposed to help me pay attention. I think it helps my asthma too.
I play basketball and football. I would like to play soccer and baseball too. Sometimes I get out of breath when I run up and down the court. I just sit down and rest for awhile.
Because I haven’t had any recent episodes, I think my asthma is under control. If I have problems, I will let my Mom know so she can call my doctor.